3-Hour Workshop

5 Simple Lines

5 Simple Lines

Learn to draw anything with just 5 simple lines
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3-Hour Workshop
Saturday 1PM-4PM
Jun 22
Jun 22
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11 Students


Learning to draw can be incredibly frustrating, and at times, feel hopeless. I've been there and I get it. After years of struggling, I finally realized that drawing can actually be really simple. This is the class I wish I had when I started out.

In this 3-hour workshop, I'll breakdown my entire approach to drawing from the ground up. I'll show you how everything in drawing boils down to mastering just five simple lines. This is my best attempt to provide you with the big picture of how it all works, and a roadmap to getting good at drawing.

You'll be guided through a series of carefully crafted exercises and demos, and then immediately apply them to drawing the live model while receiving personal assistance.

Maybe you're feeling stuck, or maybe you're just getting started and feeling overwhelmed. By the end of this course, you'll have the fundamental tools to begin your drawing practice on the right path.


Alex Di Monaco

Course Content

Hour 1
Demos and Exercises
Saturday, May 18, 2024
June 22, 2024
Hour 2 & 3
Drawing from the Model with assistance
Saturday, May 18, 2024
June 22, 2024

What People are saying

The workshop was a perfect way to introduce how to use a charcoal and going over the basics of building the human figure using different forms. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to begin figure drawing. Having the instructor do a draw over with a tracing paper helped me so much!

Phillippe J

It was really helpful! I feel like I’ve felt blocked in my progress with figure drawing but the tips I learned here has really helped me improve a lot!

Frida M

Incredible workshop! Alex is super knowledgeable about anatomy and art techniques, the workshop was paced in a way that allowed him to answer one on one questions as well as apply the taught skills in real time! He is patient and encouraging, after returning home, I couldn't wait to draw again!

Julia Guo

As a beginner at figure drawing, the workshop was very helpful for me. It gave me a better understanding of how to approach drawing the human figure, as well as practical exercises to improve my work. Alex's instruction was simple, easy to follow, and knowledgeable. A very enjoyable and productive afternoon!

Ingrid Schultz

Alex is a great teacher, pays attention to every single student. I had multiple "aha!" moments during the workshop, because Alex is able to break down concepts in a way that becomes instantly digestible. I highly recommend checking it out!!

Roland Varga

Excellent intro to the fundamentals of life drawing! Alex is a skilled artist and clear communicator, which made the demos extremely helpful.

Rich Larson

This is a must for all beginners artists who want to improve their skills. For curious artists who want to dive deeper into figure drawing, Alex shares his insight on how to imagine the pose in a structural way so we don’t become slaves to the reference (what we see). Overall I truly recommend this course.

Louis-David Prémont

It was excellent and helpful, it was great to see Alex's technique from sharpening the pencil, and basic shapes to figure drawing. Super patient, and well explained.

Camila Picheco

This workshop completely altered (for the better!) the way I show up for my drawing practice. Alex really simplified an art that, at first glance, seems so complex. I now find myself breaking each drawing down into the 5 easy lines Alex shared and it's truly helped me create cleaner, more dynamic drawings. Thanks, Alex!

Tania Schirilo

Alex is a very articulate, patient and talented teacher. Very nice drawing environment.

Samuel Lampron

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